Hello, I'm Esperanza

Circuit, Oil on canvas 200cm x 130cm

Strokes, Oil on canvas 200cm x 130cm


Educators can play significant roles in advocating for their students and mitigating the effects of poorly conceived or inappropriate educational language policies, or where more favorable policies have been implemented, teachers can enhance their students’ educational opportunities by building on students’ home and community languages while helping them to learn the dominant languages typically required as media of instruction.” 

-Terrence G. Wiley

CLR is the validating and affirming of cultural and linguistic behaviors of all students and the building and bridging of those behaviors to success in the context of academia and mainstream culture 

(Hollie, 2015)

“Every person needs a place that is furnished with hope”

Maya Angelou

A little bit about me.

My journey in responsive teaching began December 2022. Almost a year ago, the opportunity to pursue a TESOL endorsement was presented to me. At first, I wasn't sure what that entailed but my position as a teacher in a First Grade Dual Language Program was my WHY. I knew I needed more to help students suceed. The amount of reflection and awareness that I have gained this year has been invaluable. 

While the beginning of this journey is almost over, I would like to see this journey continue and pursue a Masters in TESOL. 

I love my Bilingual community and can only move forward to continue growing and reflecting in order to give back.